Celtic CDs in Atlanta

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Donating Premium CDs

We especially welcome offers of CDs from labels and artist that we can offer as premiums to listeners who donate to WRFG during our pledge drives! Several local artists, including Mike Simpson, Atanta Pipe Band, and J. J. Sheridan, have been very supportive of our fundraisers in this way. So have Lissa Schneckenburger, Jim Malcolm , Tannahill Weavers , Mairtin de Cogain and the John Byrne Band, from further afield. Email the host if you'd like to see the list of premium CDs available for donors to WRFG.

Submitting CDs

For "the record" we are still very much CD based!

Please email the host if you'd like to submit a CD for airplay consideration. We'll see if it might be a good match for the show, and supply the best address to post it to.

Do first check the playlists to see what we tend to play. Note that in general, there is very little singer songwriter material, new age Celtic music or Celtic rock–however exceptions are sometimes made for artists of calibre who are soon to play in town, or for recordings of historical significance.

Sourcing CDs

Other than at some of the mainstream book shops, it seems that new Celtic CDs (and some DVDs) can only be found intown at Decatur CD (on Ponce) and Wuxtry (Clairmont and N. Decatur), and sometimes at Wax'n'Facts (in Little Five Points).

We encourage supporting such independent local vendors–all of whom will happily get special orders for you–over the alternative of ordering from the internet. Perusing the labels page in conjunction with the playlists may be helpful.

The above names stores are also good places to hunt for used Celtic CDs, as are Full Moon Records (McLendon at Clifden) and Book Nook (N. Druid Hills at Clairmont).

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