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Since the late 1980s, John has written extensively on music, most notably for Dirty Linen (which is sadly no more) and Atlanta's Creative Loafing. His first published piece was an obit of Ewan MacColl for the former, in late 1989.

His writings on music span many genres, from rock to Celtic, and from Algerian, Brazilian and Cuban (Creative Loafing, 2001) to Yugoslavian and Zimbabwean (Creative Loafing, 2003).

The Windbreakers [scroll down] (Creative Loafing, 2003).

Here are some words on George Harrison and related people (Creative Loafing, 2004).

Bill Whelan's Riverdance (Dirty Linen, 1996).

An extended interview with Roy Harper (Dirty Linen, 1992).

Following the tragic early death of Ewan MacColl's brilliant daughter Kirsty MacColl (Creative Loafing, 2001).

The Buena Vista Social Club legacy inspired by a March 2001 trip to Cuba (Creative Loafing, 2002).

Links to more published pieces (interviews with Richard Thompson, Ray Davies, Rai star Khaled etc) will appear here soon.

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