Celtic Gigs in Atlanta

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Attending Gigs

John C. Falstaff is a bastion of support for the live local Irish music scene,
supplying plentiful info not only on visiting musicians' play dates and venues,
but also on our own local talent, as well as hosting interviews and live music.
– Jim Alexander, Chair, Irish Music Traditions (Atlanta Branch of CCE)

Each Sunday on the show, we try to keep listeners informed about worthy upcoming Celtic events: mostly concerts by notable out of towners, sometimes lectures, reading or plays, and very occasionally films.

So do the websites below, which are also more likely to list recurring sessions and dances and bar appearances by locally based artists than we are. We recommend signing up for the regular mailings offered by several of these.

Atlanta Celts (Yahoo group)

Atlanta Irish Music

Celtic Atlanta

Irish Music Traditions (Atlanta)

We also Tweet reminders about many of the shows of note, a day or two before: @wrfgcelticshow

Hosting Gigs

Venues which host Celtic events once or twice a year include the "big boys" such as Clayton State's Spivey Hall, Georgia Tech's Ferst Center, Georgia State's Rialto Theater, Emory's Schwartz Center, the Atlanta Symphony Hall, and the Fox Theater. Each October there is the Stone Mountain Highland Games (guess where).

Terrific more intimate venues, which book Celtic acts frequently, include the Variety Playhouse (smaller shows are booked in the Red Light Cafe) and Eddie's Attic. Some of the Irish bars (Limerick Junction, Fado, the Harp, Olde Blind Dog, Ri Ra, The Marlay, Mac Magee's) also book shows from time to time.

Over the years, the Celtic Show has received the support of many venues like those mentioned above, both via offers of free tickets for WRFG listeners and contributions of tickets as subscriber premiums for WRFG's fundraising marathons. For these we are most grateful!

For a really unforgettable evening, watch out for house concerts in the listings linked. Unamplified, in somebody's sitting room, you may see rising stars Bua (a group from the midwest), Lissa Schneckenberger (fiddler and singer from Maine), or bona fide legends such as English-born, American-resident, Irish fiddler Kevin Burke.

Summer is a very quiet season for touring Celtic artists, whereas in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day there can be a glut of shows. Each October there is the Stone Mountain Highland Games, and December always brings The Atlanta Celtic Christmas at Emory.


It's important to support worthy visiting acts if Atlanta is to continue to be able to attract top talent. Considering the size of the population of the metro area, it's dissappointing that we seem not to be on the radar screen of some of the best live acts when they book their tours. These days, we're not getting enough of the Scottish artists (Alasdair Fraser, Jim Malcolm), nor any Welsh ones (Carreg Lafar, Sian James, Crasdant, Robin Huw Bowen). We're even missing out on some of the fine touring Irish acts (Dervish). Many of those play in college towns a few hours away from here, but give Atlanta itself a wide berth. One wonders why.

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