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As the long running host of The Celtic Show on WRFG Atlanta, John C. Falstaff is highly entertaining. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the music and the musicians, from legendary figures of the past to the current ones just making their mark. He gives enough commentary to provide meaningful background, but the focus is on the music, and there is lots of it, well-paced. – Jim Alexander, Chair, Irish Music Traditions (Atlanta Branch of CCE)
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I congratulate WRFG Atlanta on promoting appreciation of the rich Celtic heritage of Georgia and the South East. Anyone with Scots-Irish, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Manx or Cornish family roots, or with interests in knowing more about the diversity of British and Irish folk music, will particularly enjoy listening to John C. Falstaff's show.
– Annabelle Malins, British Consul General for Atlanta

For three decades plus, The Celtic Show on non-commercial community radio station WRFG Atlanta (89.3FM) has brought the finest Celtic music to listeners in the metro area and beyond. The show goes out live each Sunday from 5 to 7pm EST at 100,000 watts. Please turn your dial to 89.3FM–or catch the streaming audio–we now have many loyal listeners worldwide from Edinburgh to Honolulu as well as throughout Georgia and North America. You can listen to a past show now.

Since 1995, native Dubliner John C. Falstaff has been the main host. If you're a fan of harp, accordion, pipes, whistles, fiddles or flutes, or beautiful haunting singing, then this is the show for you. You'll hear an ever-changing mix of classic and modern tunes and songs from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as music with roots in those regions, from places as diverse as Australia, Brooklyn, Cape Breton, Ottawa and Maine. Items from Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Galicia get a look in too.

Jenny Hubbard Young from Wales co-hosts from time to time, as does Dave Aton. Siusaidh Ruadh (who hosted regularly in the years 2001-2005) has been known to sit in occasionally also.

Half way through the show, at 6pm, we generally have a special feature either on a musical theme (e.g., local musicians performing live, Robert Burns' birthday, the 50th anniversary of Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem's debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, Welsh or Irish tenors, Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama students, Irish covers of Dylan songs, recent Celtic music award winners, etc.) or current events (e.g., the opening of the new Irish Consulate in town, President Obama's visit to Ireland, etc.), often with visiting guests. Of course, in March we highlight both St. David's and St. Patrick's days with appropriate music.

Now and then, Scottish storyteller Kathleen Mainland drops by for a live reading. Several podcasts feature her, most recently from 10 Jul 2011.

Over the years, many of the biggest wigs in Celtic music have been interviewed live on The Celtic Show on WRFG, from piper Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains, Altan, singer Susan McKeown, fiddler Kevin Burke and Riverdance composer Bill Whelan, to Scottish singer Andy M. Stewart, Battlefield Band and Welsh bard Dafydd Iwan.

Here's the full interview of Dafydd Iwan which Jenny did on 31 Aug 15 2007 27 minutes (excerpts of this have been used on several shows).

email John if you'd like information about a particular piece heard on the programme, or you wish to submit a CD for airplay consideration. Please check the playlists too. Note that, in general, there is very little singer songwriter material, new age Celtic music or Celtic rock–however exceptions are sometimes made for artists of calibre who are soon to play in town, or for recordings of historical significance.

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